During a workshop this morning, the Palm Coast City Council discussed potentially revising the city code that prohibits commercial vehicles with signage greater than 3 square feet, to park overnight at residential properties. Below is a summary of Councilmember comments.

Councilmember Danko: We are not a HOA. People work for a living. This hurts business, as they have to park these vehicles off-site. We should be business friendly. I disagree with putting this on the ballot or doing a survey.

Councilmember Barbosa: Allow for only one vehicle. The measures taken to cover signage looks worse than the actual signage on the vehicle.

Councilmember Branquinho: This could adversely impact Palm Coast residents. I think this matter should go to a referendum.

Councilmember Klufas: The survey wasn’t a real survey, it was a webpage where anybody could go on an answer. My confidence in the survey is not high. I want to make sure a majority of the public supports this. I support the idea of placing a question on the ballot to get a true measure of how residents feel.

Mayor Alfin: I’m uncomfortable changing this code with the results of the survey, as it seems there is not much confidence in the survey results. I suggest we do this the right way and properly survey the residents. I am sensitive to what our residents throughout the community think. I don’t believe this is a ballot issue.

The final result of the City Council’s conversation was they will hold a vote on keeping or changing the ordinance in question at an upcoming City Council meeting.

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