Flagler County Businesses: The Chamber participated in the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center briefing this morning. Here’s the latest on what to expect:

  • Good News: This will NOT be a Hurricane Ian experience. This storm is large, but weaker, so expect Wednesday and Thursday rain and wind.
  • Storm Track: Nicole has shifted further east, putting Flagler County squarely in the “cone.” (See graphic above)
  • Rain: As of this morning (11-8-22), Flagler County is expected to receive four inches of rain. Continue to monitor local meteorologists as the storm advances.
  • Wind: The wind threat is mostly a concern along the coast, where its expected tropical storm force winds will continue the beach errosion we have recently experienced.
  • Shelters/Evacuations: Announcements will be made later today regarding shelters and residents are urged to continue to monitor local emergency management announcements regarding evacuation orders.

We continue to encourage you to visit the Flagler County Emergency Management Department’s website for the latest updates. Click here to learn more.

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