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Flagler Schools and the School Board failed to convince the Board of County Commissioners that “exceptional circumstances” exist that support doubling the School Impact Fee to over $7,000 per newly-built home. The BOCC asked the school system and the Flagler Home Builders Association to continue to work together to resolve their differences.

Hoping to make the case to the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that school impact fees should be doubled, Flagler Schools presented their concerns about the impact of population growth on local schools.

The Flagler School Board has already unanimously approved doubling the school impact fee on new homes being constructed in Flagler County to more than $7000 per new home. But a new state law was passed during the 2021 Florida Legislative Session that could allow the entire proposed fee to be collected because of “exceptional circumstances.” Those “exceptional circumstances” are the subject of this conversation/meeting.

Local businessman Mark Langello said, “The study is flawed. This (impact fee increase) is going to affect the young families moving here, making it more unaffordable. The growth in students is nowhere near what they (Flagler Schools) say it is.”

The conversation continues in 2022.

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