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Benefits as a Recruiting Tool

Free up cash flow by managing your health insurance premiums. In the foreseeable future costs of everything will rise. One of those costs is the health insurance premiums that you and your employees pay. 

Here are just a few ideas that could help you and your employees reduce costs:

  • Shop quotes from new carriers
  • Use supplemental plans to reduce deductible risk and premium cost
  • Get Medicare eligible members on Medicare plans

Remember the days when recruiting and retaining employees depended as much on benefits as on salary? They’re back. Dental, Vision, Life, Accident and other ancillary plans can make your business more attractive as an employer. Even if you don’t pay for these ancillary coverages, the fact that employees can get them at discounted group rates is very attractive. 

Sunsure Insurance offers these coverages through all major carriers. In addition to having local agents, Sunsure has a dedicated Group Coverage Administrator who makes your life easier. All return calls promptly. Call today to get a quote from two Palm Coast based Sunsure Insurance agents:

GENE PEREZ                              JAMIE HARDY

(949) 981-0392 (cell)                    (386) 589-1196 (cell)

(386-878-4242 (office)                 (386) 878-4242 (office)

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