Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly met with two Junior Chamber of Commerce students in November 2023 to discuss issues of concern/interest. The students, Jasmine Coache and Valentina Mondragon, shared the following with Sheriff Staly:

  • Student Roadway Safety: Junior Chamber student Jasmine Coache shared her concerns with Sheriff Staly about crosswalk concerns at the intersection of Belle Terre Blvd and SR-100. Students traverse this very busy intersection each day as they travel to Flagler Palm Coast High School.
    • Sheriff Staly’s response: Unfortunately, state law governs speed limit and state road intersection laws. However, the Sheriff offered to increase patrols at this intersection during school opening and closing hours.
  • “Thank You” for School Deputies: Valentina Mondragon expressed her interest in thanking the many deputies that provide traffic and safety services at local schools.
    • Sheriff’s Staly’s response: The Sheriff was very encouraged that local students thought of thanking local law enforcement that protect our students at our schools. The Sheriff made several recommendations to Valentina about ideas that she could implement.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce thanks the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Rick Staly for taking a few moments to engage with and listen to students. When students are engaged with law enforcement earlier in life, and in a positive way, it helps remove misconceptions that may exist in the minds of local youth. We are also thankful for both Jasmine and Valentina’s curiosity and courage for asking questions and discussing issues of importance with our elected leaders.

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