The Chamber was featured on WNZF NewsRadio applauding lawmakers, like Sen. Travis Hutson and Rep. Paul Renner, who voted to support the implementation of an online sales tax. Listen to the report from WNZF NewsRadio below.

SB 50 will:

  • Require out-of-state companies who sell products in Florida to collect the Florida sales tax and remit payment to the state,
  • Direct the tax revenue collected from online sales to relieve an immediate $713 million tax increase on job creators in the form of increased unemployment compensation taxes,
  • Reduce the Florida-only Business Rent Tax from 5.5 percent to 2 percent, a more than 60% reduction.

This is a significant win for the business community and we are glad to be a member of the team to help pass it, with the support of our local lawmakers.

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