Travel expert and Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce member Karolina Guilcapi (Sated Ventures) was recently featured in EVOLVE Magazine‘s article: “Powered By Personalization, Niche Tourism is Thriving.” An excerpt of the article is below (click here to read the full article):

Karolina Guilcapi has been to South America 42 times — for business and pleasure.

As the founder of Sated Ventures, Guilcapi couldn’t hide her love and excitement for food and travel if she tried. Her boutique travel agency in Palm Coast, Florida, aims to delight travelers with foodie experiences that simply can’t be booked through a big-time travel search engine.

Niche tourism caters to more authentic experiences that allow for tailor-made vacations and brings positive impacts to local communities that welcome tourists, according to a 2023 GlobalData Niche Tourism report.

“We do everything on people’s bucket lists,” she says of what she calls food anthropology travels. “I’m interested in tying in those experiences with food.”

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