The City of Palm Coast this week has hosted several “Business Friendly Charrettes” with different sectors of our economy. On Wednesday, March 3rd, business leaders met with city officials to discuss owning and operating a business in the city. Today, Thursday, March 4th, the city is meeting with the construction industry to listen to their concerns and to craft solutions to their issues. Tomorrow, Friday, March 4th, the city is meeting with the development community to do the same.

“I have attended these meetings and this is exactly what government should be doing – listening to stakeholders and working on ways to develop solutions to become more business friendly,” said Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Greg Blose. “So often we complain that government is the problem. Here we have the government reaching out to the private sector to say, ‘How can we do a better job?'”

Blose continued, “I commend the City of Palm Coast for organizing and hosting these conversations and look forward to the continued proactive involvement of both the city and the private sector.”

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