The Palm Coast Observer recently published a news story from one of our Junior Chamber students, Valentina Mondragon.

At one of the Junior Chamber’s Online Student Leadership Council meetings, Valentina expressed an interest in thanking local law enforcement for helping keep students safe at school. Valentina is also interested in a career in writing. After the Junior Chamber helped coordinate a meeting with Sheriff Staly, Palm Coast Observer Publisher Brian McMillan encouraged Valentina to write an article about the meeting. The Palm Coast Observer published Valentina’s article, which can be found here.

Valentina’s article being published in the Palm Coast Observer is a big deal because it shows students that the business community is both willing and able help them meet their personal and educational goals. This is the latest example of how the Junior Chamber and the Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber are helping prepare students for the future.

The Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce thanks the Palm Coast Observer and Publisher Brian McMillan for helping support Valentina!

The Junior Chamber is a 501(c)3 non-profit working to help prepare local students for adulthood. Click here to learn more about the Junior Chamber.

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