Hispanic Business Alliance “La Alianza”

VISION: Building and strengthening Flagler County’s Hispanic community and businesses.

MISSION: Promoting the economic growth of the Hispanic business community in Flagler County.


  • Promote Hispanic culture in Flagler County.
  • Support and promote economic growth and the entrepreneurial development of Hispanic businesses.
  • Provide representation and advocacy in support of Hispanic businesses.
  • Educate Flagler County about the diversity of Hispanic businesses.
  • Create Hispanic business mentorship programs.
  • Promote an inclusive community environment for Hispanic businesses in Flagler County.
  • Partner with Hispanic leaders and organizations.

La Alianza Leadership Team:

  • Chair- Dr. Maria Dowling (MD Consulting Company)
  • Ramon Marrero (Motano Productions/Hispanic American Cultural Society)
  • Kelly Navarro (Navarro Advisory Services)
  • Frank McManus (Greater Ormond Beach Realty USA)
  • Johnny Vazquez (Estrella Insurance)
  • Lorena Bahamon (Estrella Insurance)

Upcoming Events: (See list and graphics below)

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