Flagler County Democrats have fewer registered voters than “No Party Affiliation/Other” voters, according to the latest voter registration analysis by the Palm Coast Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce.

If you’ve attended a recent Chamber presentation, you’ve likely heard us discuss the facts and data behind who is moving to Florida and what their rationale is behind moving here. A growing number of new Floridians are registering as either Republican or No Party Affiliation once they relocate, outpacing the number of new Democrat voters throughout the state. In Florida’s major metro areas, the voter registration is a much higher concentration of Democrat voters. However, here in Flagler County, FL, the opposite is true.

Based on data provided by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, only 73 of the 372 voters that registered to vote in Flagler County in April 2023 registered as a Democrat. That’s just 20%.

Our Chamber’s analysis shows that Flagler’s Republican leaning voter base is growing stronger with each passing month. We will continue to follow this developing trend.

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