The Flagler School Board held a special meeting this evening to review and adjust their proposed school impact fee increase. The revised school impact fee proposal, unanimously approved by the School Board, is the product of a series of meetings with the Flagler Home Builders Association.

Previously, the School Board signed off on a nearly double school impact fee, only to have the Board of County Commissioners ask for revisions and more meetings with the construction industry. Several meetings have since occured to address concerns outlined by the Board of County Commissioners and HBA.

The proposed revised school impact fee is as follows (from the Flagler Schools website):

The Resolution being presented recommends a phase in of the impact fee increases over the previously adopted one time change to the impact fees.  The proposed resolution is for an initial increase for single family homes from $3,600 to $5,450; from $931 to $1,360 for multi-family/unit and from $1,066 to $2,150 for mobile homes with continuing annual increases if the baseline number of students enrolled as of the October FTE date is by 500 cumulative students.  Should that occur the single family impact fee would increase an additional $500 the multi-family per unit amount would increase an additional $125 and the mobile home amount would increase an additional $850.

$500 per unit increase when 500 additional students begin attending school.

NOTE: This resolution will once again appear before the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), for a vote to implement. School Impact Fee Increases aren’t expected to be implemented until late Summer, early Fall 2022.

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