We are Pleased to Support this Quality Fundraising Event Led by Chamber Board Member David Ayres of Flagler Broadcasting


Is there a minimum donation required?

No. We welcome donations of any amount. Bring your change jars and/or pocket change …. every bit helps!

How do I make a donation?

On July 8th, you can come to the Flagler Radio Studios with cash/change, check, or charge and have an opportunity to go live on the radio. We will also have a weblink for you to pay online, and a phone number to call in your donation if you are not able to come in person.

Who do I make the check out to?

Checks can be made out to Grace Community Food Bank.

Do I have to sign up?

No. There is no sign up required.

Is all of the money collected going to Grace Community Food Bank?

Yes. 100% of collected donations will go directly to them.

If my company/organization is donating on behalf of our employees/members, can we plug our company/organization on the radio when we drop off our donation?

Absolutely! We invite you to come in and make the donation live on the radio.

Are there any special advertising opportunities for my business to participate? Yes. Those businesses choosing to participate & contribute will be promoted in local media at no charge by sending an email to foodathon@flagerradio.com.

Have additional questions? Email: foodathon@flaglerradio.com

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