The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) met in a workshop this afternoon to provide leadership and engage in the strategic planning process for the county. Although strategic planning is performed regularly both government and private sector organizations, this effort is particularly notable because it’s the first being led by recently-appointed County Administrator Heidi Petito.

BOCC members discussed putting “Flagler County First,” the issues surrounding population growth, customer service performance of the organization and increasing an already positive culture at county government. The BOCC also discussed the following preliminary Strategic Focus Areas, outlined below:

  • Local Economy
  • Growth
  • Effective Government
  • Resiliency
Workshop on Strategic Plan with Flagler Board of County Commissioners on 2-21-22

Herb Marlowe, the County’s strategic planning facilitator, said “Flagler County’s ratio of housing to commercial/industrial is 8 or 9 percent (meaning over 90% of existing structures in Flagler County are residential). That’s a threat. How do you increase the commercial and industrial base in Flagler County?”

For those who may not know, luring businesses/helping businesses grow (commercial and industrial) is important because the amount of property tax generated by these properties is significantly higher than residential housing, which is capped at a 3% increase (at most) per year via a citizen approved constitutional amendment several years ago.

This conversation will continue at the Future of Flagler Forum on Wednesday, February 23rd!

The BOCC will host two additional workshops on March 1st and March 3rd.

The Chamber will remain engaged with this meaningful effort and urges business leaders and residents do the same.

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