Representatives from each of local government in Flagler County convened this evening (6-21-23) at Flagler Beach City Hall to discuss a variety of issues. The meeting, held at the request of the Flagler Beach City Commission, largely featured discussions regarding concerns Flagler Beach and Beverly Beach officials have regarding increasing visits from tourists, population growth and the impact of more people on Flagler County’s barrier island.

Parking was discussed at length, with recommendations including Flagler Beach buying land for parking, charging for parking via parking meters and more. Building stand-alone parking garages is likely not a cost-effective option, based on discussions from officials attending the meeting. The number of parking spots in Flagler Beach has declined in recent years, due to the Florida Department of Transportation closing off historically used roadside parking.

Other conversations covered:

  • More lifeguards monitoring our beaches,
  • Eco-Tourism,
  • Promoting awareness of other parks and community features available to both residents and visitors alike,
  • Affordable and workforce housing, including the need for more apartments for local employees to live,
  • Beach erosion and renourishment.

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