The Palm Coast City Council discussed today revising the Commercial Vehicle Ordinance to allow work vehicles to be parked in residential driveways “after hours.” After hearing from residents and business owners on both sides of the issue, the following happened:

Mayor Alfin: Turned gavel over to Vice Mayor Branquinho and made a motion in favor of maintaining the code as enforced (no additional changes to the commercial vehicle ordinance) and stated he would support a referendum to gauge and better understand the public’s opinion (Councilman Klufas seconded motion).

Councilman Danko: Made several points in favor of changing the Commercial Vehicle Ordinance.

Councilman Klufas: Made comments about open house signs and the differentiation of that issue and the commercial vehicle ordinance. He also made comments concerning what constitutes a “commercial vehicle.”

Councilman Barbosa: Made comments about the hardships that small businesses face and stated that he brought this issue forward in response to outreach from small business owners, like him.

Support Keeping the Code As Is: Alfin, Branquinho, Klufas.

Support Changing the Code: Barbosa and Danko.

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