The Flagler Board of County Commissioners met in a workshop today to discuss implementing the proposed doubling of school impact fees by the Flagler County School Board from approximately $3,600 per home to approximately $7,200 per home.

Flagler Schools Superintendent Kathy Mittelstadt began the presentation to the BOCC to justify, not only the proposed doubling of the impact fee, but also the “extraordinary circumstances” that would allow for the full collection of the fees, a new requirement by a state law adopted earlier this year.

After the presentation, several County Commissioners questioned various parts of the school impact fee study, specifically those areas regarding the lack of student population growth despite approximately 10,000 new homes being developed over the past decade or so.

During public comment, several members from the Flagler Home Builders Association spoke in opposition to the doubling of the school impact fee. The Board of County Commissioners will continue this discussion next week at a second workshop. The Chamber will continue to closely follow this important subject.

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