Flagler County’s unemployment rate increased for the fifth consecutive month to 3.9%, according to the August 2023 data release from Florida Commerce, up from 3.7% in July 2023.

“Flagler County’s unemployment rate increased for the fifth consecutive month, and is 1.2% higher than the state of Florida, which remained at 2.7%,” said Greg Blosé, President & CEO, Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“3.9% is the highest unemployment rate Flagler County has seen since January 2022. The reason for the recent increase is because Flagler County’s workforce growth continues to outpace local hiring. Local hiring is still strong, with 375 more residents finding employment in August 2023. However, our local workforce grew by 519 residents during that same period.” Blosé continued, “As population continues to grow, we will experience an increase in the labor force and see more people standing in the unemployment line as they search for jobs after relocating here. Hiring in Flagler County was still strong in July 2022, but could not keep up with our growing labor force, which is now nearly 54,000 residents strong.”

The number of Flagler County residents that are employed (either working in this county or another county) increased from 51,213 in July 2023 to 51,588 in August 2023, an increase of 375 residents.

The number of unemployed job-seeking residents in Flagler County also increased, measuring 2,121 in August 2023, up from 1,977 in July 2023, an increase of 144 residents from last month’s report.

The Flagler County labor force continued growing, checking in at 53,709, an increase of 519 residents month-over-month.

The Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber will continue to monitor and analyze the latest hiring and job trends in Flagler County on behalf of Flagler County’s business community.

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