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Moments ago, the Florida House passed SB 7014, related to COVID-19 liability protections for health care providers, by a vote of 87-31 (Both Rep. Paul Renner and Sen. Travis Hutson supported this bill in their respective chambers). This bill, sponsored by Senator Danny Burgess and Representative Colleen Burton, is now headed to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk for signing into law.

The passage of SB 7014 importantly extends the COVID-19 liability protections for health care providers through June 1, 2023. The health care community, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and nurses, have been on the front lines fighting this ongoing pandemic. These protections are necessary to discourage frivolous “gotcha” litigation and protect employers that were substantially following governmental health and safety guidelines. 

Our partners at the Florida Chamber have led the effort to pass SB 7014 to protect those health care heroes that have been on the front lines since the start of the pandemic. The bill will now head to the Governor’s desk, which once received, he will have two weeks to sign into law.

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