All eyes will be on lawmakers in Tallahassee on Tuesday when the 2022 Florida Legislative Session officially begins. The 60-day session will end on March 11, 2022. Many media reports will focus on outrageous bills that may never have a realistic shot of being passed by either the House or Senate, but the below list represents some of the larger conversations that will dominate legislative debates in 2022: 

Redistricting- Every 10 years, the Florida Legislature must approve new district boundaries. This year, expect a significant amount of energy to be consumed by passing new maps outlining legislative districts. 

COVID- Extending liability protections that are set to expire for some industries will be a part of the conversation in Tallahassee.

Education/Workforce Development- From cameras in your child’s classroom to preparing students to enter the workforce, there will be no shortage of education and workforce development issues to discuss at the Capitol. 

Infrastructure Funding- Florida has one of the best infrastructure systems compared to the rest of the states in the U.S., and rightfully so. Florida is now home to more than 22 million residents, and lawmakers have wisely kept their eye on the ball to make sure our infrastructure is ready for a continued influx of new residents that shows no signs of slowing down. Infrastructure discussions will include transportation, water, wastewater and broadband expansion.

The Budget/Tax Cuts?- Typically, lawmakers create a tax cut package. Last year, a major package was passed that leveled the playing field for businesses with a physical (brick and mortar) presence in Florida. Depending on how the budget shakes out, lawmakers could once again consider creating a tax cut package, which could include hurricane sales tax holidays, back to school sales tax holidays and more. 

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