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After an initial study justifying a total of $6,500 in new and increased impact fees. The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners today, by a 4-1 vote (Dance dissenting) approved a reasonable increase to the County’s impact fees (not including city or schools). The new impact fees, which will total $3,092 per single-family home, will take effect on March 15, 2022, a 52% reduction from the initial study suggestion. By Florida law, impact fees must be announced with a 90-day notice before taking effect.

The approved fees are as follows:

Transportation: $1,502
Parks and Recreational Facilities: $ 304
Law Enforcement: $ 218
Fire Rescue: $ 738
Emergency Medical Services: $ 62
Library: $ 268


The Chamber has worked for months with County Staff to review and revise the proposed impact fee increases. The Chamber was initially concerned about various aspects of the different studies. However, Flagler County Government was receptive to conversations and have revised the impact fees based on concerns presented by the Chamber, which reduced the initially proposed fees by approximately 50%. Based on these revisions, Chamber President & CEO Greg Blose said:

“Flagler County has acted in good faith and has appropriately addressed the concerns initially presented by the Chamber. The data used to craft the fee and the use of the funding after the fee is collected is appropriate. The Chamber thanks County Staff for their transparency and willingness to discuss the issues we raised prior to adoption.”

-Greg Blose, President & CEO, Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber of Commerce

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